Hear how Be the Woman has changed the lives of women of all ages and backgrounds all around the world

Anna Knights is a watercolour artist based in the UK with Her Dog Nixon

Anna KnightsI had had thyroid cancer and I had that diagnosed a year before.  I was starting to feel better but I felt like I really needed to begin a new chapter with gusto... (continue reading)

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Mary Poulter is a wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies in the UK...

Mary Poulter, wife, business owner and breeder of Bolognese puppies in the UKIt completely changed my life, absolutely. I'm just so glad I did it. It has absolutely thrown so much at me about life itself. I now understand so much more than I did about A, life, and B, myself. Goodness, it just totally transformed things... (continue reading)

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Caroline Richards is wife, homemaker, a mother of 4 children under 8, a former social worker and small business owner...

Caroline Richards, wife, homemaker, natural childbirth expert and mother of 4Several years ago I had a bit of a breakdown. My long term relationship ended, I left my career and I became depressed and very uncertain about where my life was going. But time moved on, I met a wonderful man and we went on to get married and have four children together. During those child-bearing years (our youngest is now 3), we also moved house four times and lived in four different places. It was all a bit much. I didn't want to become depressed again, and I knew I needed to do something. Finding myself, again in a new rural location, with four children under seven and a struggling relationship, I was looking for guidance and inspiration. I knew that this was it. No more moving. No more children. My marriage was struggling, I'd forgotten who I was.

Shortly after my final move, I was surfing the net, and I found the Be the Woman website. I'd actually bookmarked it two years previously when I felt too busy to consider it. I knew I had to sign up there and then. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Over the following six months, I took the course, each day peeling away at the layers of the onion, and getting nearer to my core, facing truths I had buried, confronting fears, learning to know who I am, who I'm not, learning to care for myself, to appreciate myself, to have compassion for myself as a woman. Gradually, I've grounded myself in my new home, learnt to love, appreciate and work together with my husband more than I could have imagined and begun to form a new life based on the many discoveries I have made.

I have experienced joy that I would not have believed possible, and sometimes anger, sadness and despondency that I never knew I had, but the most wonderful thing is that this inner journey now has a context, a community within which it is validated.

Taking the course has been like the theory part; on the Inner Circle I have found the support to put it all into practice. The course gives us something to aspire to as women, and the Inner Circle gives us the context in which to live it. It is the most wonderful thing to have a person (Guru Kaur) and a community (the Inner Circle) behind you, cheering you on to your best self. Everyone is there for you, rooting for you to be the best you can be. That is incredibly powerful.

Pam Smith is a wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker and retired office administrator in the UK

Pam Smith, wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker and retired office administrator in the UKIt's made a huge difference the second time, I have to say.  The circumstance of me doing it originally was that I had been extremely depressed.  I think it was my 65th birthday present from [my daughter].  She said "It's never too late to make changes"... (continue reading)

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Debbie Hall is a wife, mother, living willow artist and workshop coordinator

Debbie Hall, wife, mother, living willow artist and workshop coordinatorI can imagine it would be good for any woman of any age really! I'm 40 now but I would love to have done this earlier on in my life and to have those kinds of realisations a bit sooner. It really helps you feel a lot clearer and to know where you are going... (continue reading)

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Nicola Heathcote is a mother and yoga teacher, with a background in sales and marketing...

Nicola Heathcote mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professionalI would recommend it to every single woman on Earth. I think that if this was part of the school syllabus then the world would be a much nicer place – it'd be full of happy women! (continue reading)

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Anamika Majumdar has a Ph.D. Women's Studies and is about to become a mother for the first time...

Anamika Majumdar, Ph.D. on Be the Woman...I was away a bit sceptical about "being a woman" in the sense that the people I hang around with and the research I do is quite feminist politically. So I haven't always bought into the "being a woman" thing – it's just recently... (continue reading)

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Claudia Duchene, wife, mother, originally from Germany, now living in Massuchesetts, USA

Claudia Duchene, wife, mother, Massachusetts, USAMy observation was as a woman you either have the option of being very much a victim – being in a weak position - or you have to behave like a man. You have to acquire tools that, while you still look like a woman, you behave more in male terms. Neither was very appealing to me... (continue reading)

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Nicki Trench is a mother, author, craft expert, and entrepreneur, based in the UK...

Nicki Trench, mother, author, craft expert, and entrepreneurI kind of thought maybe I was stuck, you know you get a bit stuck in your life. You know you're stuck but you don't know what to do about it. I think what it's done is given me a lot to think about and ways of moving out of that. It's like opening up a wide gate and seeing all the other possibilities there are, where you think there aren't any possibilities... (continue reading)

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Claudia Kapp, a recent graduate and hospitality professional, did the 42 Day Course from a cruise ship...

Claudia Kapp, hospitality professionalI've had a few life changing experiences. I was moving away abroad so I've had a little bit of time for myself and [I was] just trying to find out what I really wanted to do and who I really am. I'm 22 years old so I don't know 100%...but this course helped me a lot... (continue reading)

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